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Word for Australia - The Seeds are Exploding with Life

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

During worship at Church on Australia Day, my friends Rebecca Damianopoulos and Megan Williamson both prophesied over the fires that what the enemy would use for evil, God was using for good. Immediately I went into a vision where I saw 3 large angels standing on red Australian soil with bags of seeds. The time period was apparently in the late 1800’s, some time around 1886-1894. The angels were joyfully planting seeds in strategic places around Australia, and covering the soil while singing praises to our Lord. I then saw that the soil was good soil, and the seeds took deep root.

The vision then changed to seasons of both torrential rain as well as draught in Australia from that time period until now. With every downpour through the ages, I saw saints of the Lord who had been decreeing and expecting by faith for the seeds to sprout with new life. Hope never ceased and expectancy never wearied as the saints continued to contend throughout the generations for what they knew the Lord had spoken over this beautiful nation.

I then saw the prayers of the saints wetting the ground in each of the areas the seeds had been planted. I saw all ages, all demographics, all denominations of prophets and intercessors, evangelists and Kingdom builders who had a Holy knowing that they were in a seeded area, and who had for years and generations been crying out to see the great harvest in Australia. I sensed discouragement in some, but a Holy conviction always arose in them for what the generations have known is the truth about this Great Southland of the Holy Spirit.

As my friends again prophesied about the fires in Australia and I stood in agreement that what the enemy wanted to use for evil, God would use for good – I saw in my vision that the seeds began to explode below ground, and out of these explosions came dozens more little off-shoots of roots that went in all directions and even wrapped around each other from a distance. I did a bit of research and found that in the natural, there are actually seeds that NEED fire to germinate and grow! Many are seeds that are found primarily in Australia.

Soon I saw the angels hover again, now in 2020. I saw a smile on their faces as the seeds actually began to SPROUT in 2020. I saw a time-lapse movement before my very eyes, of seeds that were held together by underground root systems for so many years that were now beginning to grow upwards, through the red soil. In the time-laps I saw small, green sprouts everywhere across Australia begin to grow, bear fruit and even start to become ripe for harvest! The time-laps took place within this next decade.

I did some more research and found that in that time period in the 1800’s, there were several Prayer Unions, prayer movements and even mini-revivals happening around Australia ( There was massive soil being tilled by the evangelists, and prayer movements across the nation were beginning to stir the atmosphere to prepare it for what the Lord was wanting to do in THIS very season!

In praying into this vision, I heard the Lord say for the intercessors and prophets, “What you have sown in tears, I will soon allow you to REAP a HARVEST of joy for” (Psalm 126:5).

I heard Him say regarding the underground root system: “Unity commands MY blessing! As I bless you with harvest you will get to rejoice together over the harvest in each of your areas, and you will partake of the new oil of blessing from one another’s crops” (Psalm 133:1-3).

For the evangelists, I heard 1 Corinthians 3:6, that some of you have planted and some have watered, but God’s PROMISE is to give the increase! Be encouraged by your obedience as you watch the increase with your very eyes!

REJOICE TODAY, AUSTRALIA! I see the angels hover to help with the harvest. I see the green! I see the new life popping! I see the seeds planted long ago that are exploding to bear fruit! Where the enemy came to destroy the land, the Lord has come to germinate the seed. Those who have sown into the soil of Australia with many tears….you are about to REAP with SHOUTS OF JOY!!!

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