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Mandy Woodhouse Coaching

Biblical Life Coaching for Women Who Follow Jesus

Coaching Focuses

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As Mandy Woodhouse Coaching grows, my goal is to change and add more services as need arises. For the moment, I will offer 3 main Coaching focuses, and will also offer one Prophetic Coaching Course in the near future.  I have always found that ministering to women is what I am best at, so I will be working with only women for the unforeseeable future. 

The focuses I have chosen to offer are areas of strength in my own life, and areas that (as a pastor), I have had years of valuable experience in helping people through.

For me, Coaching is definitely not counseling, therapy or pastoral care as much as it is goal setting and managing your life to reach those goals. I am here to facilitate, help you see blind spots, urge you to answer the hard questions, and of course be your "cheering squad" the whole time.  Most people need three (3) sessions at the very least, in order to feel that they have accomplished what they set out to do.

All sessions run an hour and I charge $90/usd for the first session, and  $120usd/hour for every individual session after.  

I look forward to helping you fulfill your goals!



Please email for enquiries or to book sessions.

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