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Prophetic Dream - Don't Trade Puppies for Pigs


In late 2023, I had a dream that I have sat on for what feels like ages. Today, I felt to release it.


The dream is as follows:

There is a giant meadow full of prophets and prophetically gifted people. Each of them owns a happy little puppy. There is a sense of joy, of peace and of unity amongst these prophets. They genuinely champion one another.

In the meadow, there is also a large gazebo. Under the gazebo sits a woman. She has the face of an earthly mother-type, and the body of Jabba the Hut from the movie Star Wars. Her attitude is one of entitlement and control, and not of a loving, motherly nature.

On the woman’s lap sits a little pig. The pig is feral; it’s a dirty, rust colour and it stinks. The pig has a personality of its own, and it acts quite like its master.

The woman and the pig are silently and strategically watching the prophets in this meadow. The pig seems to HATE these puppies; he oozes a sense of disdain for them.  There is a general heaviness around the gazebo, though the woman appears at first glance to be one of the elder prophets and thus seems to carry influence.

After a time, the prophets begin to gather around the gazebo and try to engage the woman. Most of them approach with reverence, simply because of the air of entitlement that she carries. I am watching this from a distance, and I feel confused because I can sense that she is dangerous, yet people are drawn to her.

Soon, there is a small line of prophets coming to speak to her and get wisdom from her. As I watched, I noticed that these prophets were, after speaking with her, exchanging their puppies for clones of this little pig! The puppies were disappearing, as was the joy, peace and sense of cheering one another on. Every prophet that chose to exchange a puppy for a pig unknowingly took on a spirit of OFFENSE. A heaviness came over each of them, and the change in their countenances and body language was astounding.

I decided to confront the woman. I also wanted to get a closer look, because she seemed to be such a “mother” to these prophets. Her face, however, was quite deceptive. She tried her hardest to get me to exchange my puppy for a pig, but I refused (as did many other prophets in the meadow). Her face contorted, and she began to curse those of us who refused her pigs. She tried to gaslight me by telling me that those who chose the puppies did not have a “true” prophetic gift, and then she began to gather the prophets with pigs to stand against me and the other prophets who kept the puppies. She controlled the atmosphere around these prophets, and they grew more and more offended with every moment they held these pigs.

Those of us with puppies kept our peace, and we stood strong in the joy of the Lord. We were not rocked by her abuse, or the betrayal of those we once called friends who sadly chose the pigs and carried the offense.

The dream ended with myself and other prophets walking off into the meadow, as far away from the gazebo and the sound of her voice as we could manage.


Things to note:

1.    Jabba the Hut – in the Star Wars stories, Jabba is a criminal mastermind with high levels of influence. He represents greed, gluttony, lust and he is also involved in politics. He is a controlling, vengeful being who ultimately falls victim to his own hubris.

2.    Pigs – pigs represent unclean spirits. They can also represent false teaching, sin, works of the flesh, carnal urges that lead to sin, as well as things such as low self-esteem, spirit of rejection, greed and spiritual degradation (Matthew 8:30-31; 2 Peter 2:22).

3.    Meadow – to me personally, the meadow always represents the substance of connection with His presence (Psalm 23).

4.    Puppies – puppies represent innocence, purity, child-life faith, life’s joy and a season of preparation for the new.

5.    Gazebo – a place of retreat outdoors; often seen in the past as a status symbol.


My humble interpretation of the parts I see in this dream:

1.    The Lord is calling His prophets back to the meadow, above all else. Concepts like “intimacy,” “first love,” even “secret place” can NEVER become overly familiar or cliché. It is the LIFEBLOOD of a child of God, and especially of a prophet (saturate yourself in John 14-16).

2.    There is a spirit of control and influence who wants to bring disunity and offense amongst the prophets, particularly the younger/emerging voices. It’s up to us to continue to champion one another, and keep unity in the prophetic, at all costs (and even if there are disagreements).

3.    To the “mothers and fathers” who are meant to help the young ones steward their gifts – beware the spirit of offense! Do not give in to this, even when your flesh is triggered by other “mothers and fathers” and other prophets. We must help them steward their PURITY above all else (1 Peter 5:2-3).

4.    To the young prophets, use discernment with WHO you allow to speak into your life! Even if they appear to carry great influence, do not be seduced by the “gazebo” (aka the platform). The prophetic (in my opinion) was never meant to be a “platform” ministry anyway.

5.    Do not exchange puppies for pigs - don’t give away purity and joy for a spirit of offense and entitlement. If you find that you’ve been defiled by these things, REPENT and return to your first love (Revelation 2:4-5).

6.    Prophets of purity…keep standing! Go deeper into the meadow to drown out the voices that slander, offend, back-biting. In the meadow is the only place you will remain shielded. Keep your heart pure and clean as you ascend the mountain of the Lord (Psalm 24).

7.    I won’t try to name this spirit, represented here by Jabba the Hut. But I will bring a warning to the table: We must stand guard of ourselves and our inner worlds. We must stay in the meadow. There are spirits who want to take out the prophets through disunity, offense, entitlement and they use gaslighting techniques. If there are hooks in the heart, a person is more susceptible to falling prey to this spirit. They will manipulate, control and steal the purity and joy that we are recreated in Christ to carry, and they do this by grabbing a hold of those unhealed hooks in your heart (ie. Insecurity, low self-esteem, feelings of rejection, needing to be “seen”). Staying in the meadow with Jesus is imperative, as is getting the inner healing needed to stay AWAY from the seduction of this spirit.


I hope this dream and these thoughts are a blessing. This is a bit different from my usual writing, but I wanted to get the point across succinctly.

Stay in the meadow, and don’t trade the puppies for pigs…




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