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Adolos = Unadulterated

I have been seeing the Greek word "adolos" [ἄδολος ] everywhere lately in my Bible study. As I have delved into it, the Lord reminded me of a word that I published in 2022 about a series of dreams that I had regarding purity and the word "unadulterated." Adolos means unadulterated, pure, guileless, unmixed....

I felt to repost the original word here, but with a few urgent edits from 2024. I hope this word does what the Holy Spirit wants it to do.



For 2 months now (as of May 2022), I have had a series of dreams that involve the word “unadulterated.” I have not felt to release anything about this until today, after having yet another dream last night that put an urgency in my heart regarding the importance of this word UNADULTERATED for the Body of Christ.

Unadulterated is defined as:

·       Having no inferior or added substances

·       Pure

·       Unmixed

·       Not mixed or diluted with any extra elements

·       Complete and absolute


In my most recent dream, there were a group of Christians walking around with a veil over their faces.  The veil represented a perception filter.  In science fiction, a perception filter changes one’s perception of reality, drawing attention away from the main focal point, even tricking the memory. 

The people who had this perception veil were having conversations, hugs and coffees with other believers who did not carry this veil.  When the conversations ended, I noticed that there was an ash-like powder being left as a residue on those who did not have a perception veil.  It was as if an INFERIOR SUBSTANCE was being left upon the skins of those who had come into the conversation unadulterated.  They were leaving with a residue of mixture.


In both the dream as well as when I woke up, this was very disconcerting to my Spirit.  I looked up the first dream I had in March 2022, when the Holy Spirit first spoke the word “unadulterated” to me, and I read what He had spoken to me regarding this word:

“I want your words to remain unadulterated.”

“I want your home to be unadulterated.”

“I want your friendships – and what you converse about – to be unadulterated.”

“I need your thoughts to remain unadulterated.”

“I desire anything you teach to remain purely, unadulteratedly JESUS.”

“You must live, in every way, unadulterated.”


Keys to remaining unadulterated

As I prayed into this, I felt the Lord give me keys to remain unadulterated, especially in the context of friendship with those who may be affected by a warped perspective at the moment.


1. If you have ashes on your skin, I heard Him say to exchange those ashes for His beauty!  Isaiah 61 speaks of this.  Submit the ashes, repent of where you may have agreed with the enemy, and then receive His beauty and trust that He will work it out for your good (Romans 8:28). *Edit 2024: These ashes are the residue left over from your participation in gossip, slander, deception, extreme criticism of other children of God that carries offense and not purity, and a refusal to stand up for what is truth because of a fear of man. These ashes will hold you back, and keep you in mixture, and will defile the purity of your relationship with God and with others. Hebrews says that the deceitfulness of sin hardens the heart (Hebrews 3:13), and this will keep us in bondage and out of the will of God. We must have a greater fear of the Lord than fear of man. We must repent and chase after a fear of the Lord!


2. I heard Him say, “change the tune.”  If there’s a song on a playlist that you don’t like, you simply change it or turn it off.  Pray for a spirit of wisdom and revelation, pray for discernment and grace, and then change the topic of conversation.  Anything that is inferior to who Jesus is can be redirected to Him.  *Edit 2024: Repent for the part that you may have played in the lack of purity in the conversation, and then change the topic. If the general direction of conversation still goes astray, Proverbs gives instruction to remove yourself from the conversation – and even remove yourself from the relationship if need be. Purity at all costs!


3. Prepare to be misunderstood.  This may take prayer and time in His presence allowing Him to love on you, but He will strengthen your feeble knees and weary hands (Isaiah 35). We can also trust that He WILL work EVERYTHING out for the GOOD of those who love Him (Romans 8:28).  *Edit 2024: Let me correct my previous statement from 2022 – You WILL be misunderstood. Purity costs something, and many are not willing to pay. You must clothe yourself with a garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness (Isaiah 61:3). You must stand fully clothed in the armour of God (Ephesians 6). You must be ready to obey, no matter the outcome. He will never leave you or forsake you in places of misunderstanding.



I felt an urgency on this word, to remain UNADULTERATED.  To refuse a spirit that will mix anything inferior into your thinking, or that will:

·       Dilute your faith

·       Dilute your understanding of God’s goodness

·       Dilute your authority

·       Pollute your feels about the local Church or Church leaders

·       Water down the finished work of Jesus

·       *Edit 2024 – Cause you to stumble over offense, or cause you to take others stumbling with you

·       *Edit 2024 – Cause you to subtly move away from friendship with God

·       *Edit 2024 – that will keep you from abdicating everything that the Lord has for YOUR destiny and scroll.


In 2024, more than ever, we need to remain in purity. AT ALL COSTS. I beg of you, please be willing to pay the price to stay unadulterated. The grace has lifted for anything else. All will come to light, and we must be ready.

Stay close to Him, and allow His love to wash over you today.  We break off all wrong perceptions, all ashes and offense, and all the effects of any spirit of the age, in Jesus MIGHTY Name!





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