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Why My "Silence" Roars

To the Black Community in America. To the law enforcement in America. To any and all of my friends in America of all races, ages, demographics:

Please do not mistake my silence on social media as my lack of concern for what you are going through. You matter to me. ALL of you.

I have been silent because I have taken my words to my war room in prayer. I am taking my tears and anger to my God on your behalf. Because You matter to Him even more. My heart hurts. I grieve at the brokenness of this world. Yes, I am just a white girl from the South, but I’m not blind. I’m not blind to the fact that some of my black friends are angered, outraged and terrified. I’m not blind to the fact that so, also, are many of my white and Hispanic friends. I’m not blind to the fact that when I have children, my son will be white and will not have to worry about the things that George Floyd and so many others had deal with daily. I’m not blind to the fact that there are MANY really good hearts in law enforcement that are also grieved, afraid and overwhelmed by the bad.

I don't have words to adequately display what is in my heart. To quote a friend, “Sharing some link and posting my outrage seemed such a weak memorial. Because I want my words to make a difference.”

I want my words to make a difference. I want them to bring peace and end the chaos. I want them to bring back breath to George, and to so many others who have lost their lives. I want my words to show the love of Jesus to those who are so drowning in hate that they actually encounter His transformation. I want to ease your pain and make everything ok.

But here I am in Brisbane, sipping my morning cup of coffee in my safe little flat, heart hemorrhaging and so unsure of what to say at all.

Quiet on social media, but not blind and not quiet in the Spirit.

Just bringing it to Jesus because honestly there is no-where else to go. And even if there was...NO ONE compares to Him. I have prayed prayers of justice for you, for your men and your women, for the babies who will forever have the access to videos of their daddies being killed and the mammas who will forever live the nightmare of such loss.

I have prayed prayers of peace over the riots, the rage and the racism.

I have asked the God of Hope to fill you with all Hope. I have asked Him to come in power and bring such unity the world has never seen. I have asked Him to weed out the racist chaff from wheat in the Church of America and bring a reconciliation like we have never seen.

I have prayed for the pure hearts of so many in law enforcement (such as many of whom are in my close family). To those of you who DO live to serve and protect EVERYONE, I am so grateful for you and I pray for your hurting community, as well. I have prayed that His Spirit would come upon many of you in the Black Community and give you the words at the right time, when you face persecution, that you would have the bravery and the ability to stand and make a difference. I have prayed for your hearts, that the pain would be laid at His feet and that you would not become hard.

I have prayed against the Spirit of fear that has tried to come upon America with such force. I have prayed Psalm 27:5-6 over you:

For He will hide me in His shelter in the day of trouble; He will conceal me under the cover of His tent; He will lift me high upon a rock. And now my head shall be lifted up above my enemies all around me, and I will offer in His tent sacrifices with shouts of joy; I will sing and make melody to the Lord.”

I have prayed Isaiah 61 over you, every community in America, that you would find beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, and a garment of praise for despair. I have prayed that you would receive double recompense for your troubles and disgrace and shame.

I have prayed wisdom and unity over the Church of America. I have prayed that everyone would see through the eyes of Ephesians 6, that we are NOT fighting against flesh and blood.

So, to the Black Community in America. To the law enforcement in America. To any and all of my friends in America of all races, ages, demographics: I actually have not been silent at all. The truth is, I have had my share of outrage in the Spirit. And I want you to know. I’m just a little girl from the South who loves Jesus and loves people, and I never wanted to just speak for the sake of commiserating. I wanted my words to mean I took them to the only place where I know they do. I took them to Jesus.

My words here are more than inadequate, but my prayers and my intercession are not. You matter to me. You matter to Jesus. #Icantbreathe #blacklivesmatter #alllivesmatter #Jesustransforms



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1 Comment

Elizabeth Fisher
Elizabeth Fisher
Jun 01, 2020

Thank you my dear sister for a beautifully written article. Ultimately the answer to all of this is to love as Jesus loves. As the church deals with it's own issues and repent not only to Papa but also to each other we will see a drastic change that will ripple across our nation. I am an African-American woman who is married to a white man. We know that our love and marriage is a picture to see racial reconciliation and healing among the nations. May Papa continue to bless you my dear sister.

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