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Preparing for the Wave

This week, my husband and I spent a day at the Gold Coast beaches, just south of Brisbane. While sitting in the sunshine on the beach, watching some of the surfers out in the distance, the Lord took me into a brief encounter.

I saw in the encounter a large tsunami wave headed toward the Bride of Christ. There were little waves breaking just before the largest one, so the Bride was well aware that the big one was coming. I will not pretend to know what this wave represented; but I will say that it was GOOD and GLORIOUSLY TERRIFYING all at the same time. I saw it come and it both strengthened and exposed good foundations, as well as remove the counterfeit ones.

Immediately I was back on the beach watching the Gold Coast surfers, and the Lord began to show me a few things about the surfers out in the breaks. He said that they were “fit,” meaning they had strong legs and a strong chest, with good upper body strength. They know how to breathe, how to swim, and how to stand steady in the rough bumps of the water. He showed me that they each had a strong core, which allowed them to balance on the board when the larger waves came and tried to crash over them. The surfers also knew how to surrender to the wave itself, and just go with it and “ride it” without any extra movement or hard work.

The Father began to challenge me personally regarding my own preparation of this tsunami wave headed toward the Body of Christ. Am I ready? Is my “core” strong enough? Will I be able to breathe when it crashes, or will the weightiness of what is coming crush me? Will I be willing to just hop on and ride the wave in peace, without feeling the need to perform when it comes? Am I willing to surrender to what God wants to do, even if it is larger than imagined and potentially wipes out everything that I have been building upon?

How do I prepare,” I asked the Father, trembling.

He responded with four very applicable things:

1) Abiding in My presence beyond what your flesh may be comfortable with, 2) Realigning your heart to My heartbeat, 3) Executing the little foxes without mercy, and 4) Praise….”

All of these things are done in the secret place.

Whatever is coming, we are already seeing it approach. It is glorious. It is terrifying and awe-inspiring. It is wonderful. It is larger than anything we have ever imagined it would be. It is GOOD.

Bride – it’s time to prepare.

Look among the nations and watch— Be utterly astounded! For I will work a work in your days which you would not believe, though it were told you. – Habakkuk 1:5, NKJV

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3 kommentarer

Yes!!! Its very Good reminder


Katherine Taylor
Katherine Taylor
21. okt. 2020

SO much yes and amen all over this!!


Elizabeth Coleman
Elizabeth Coleman
20. okt. 2020

Love this!

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