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Hear the Father's LAUGH

It's 630am in Brisbane as I write this. My husband and I have been up for a few hours, seeking the Lord. We both had terrible dreams - the kinds of dreams that come when you KNOW the enemy is stirred up because he fears his time is ending.

Both of us, individually, heard LAUGHTER in the Spirit. A confident laughter that comes from a place of authority and victory.

At the same time, I am receiving inappropriate and unkind messages in my inbox, even threats - which I NEVER get. I am certain I can discern the enemy's fear.

I read something earlier from Jeremiah Johnson that said that the prophets of Baal are in the media, and I heard the Lord say that they are causing fear and panic by their exaggerations and lies. I then, within seconds, read a few lines of something from my friend, Christy Johnston, talking about the bells of LIBERTY ringing...and my Spirit LEAPT as I heard (in the natural) both a man laughing aloud in the distance outside, as well as a bell notification go off on my hubby's phone! the US election is in full swing, and as the prophets of Baal rage against the nations, and as fear is incited by the enemy's deception...there is a hornets nest of spiritual activity. I hear Him say, DO NOT FEAR IT, the Name of Jesus is higher.

BE ENCOURAGED....get your HOPES UP. Regardless of the outcomes over the next few days, THE VICTORY IS THE LORD'S. The enemy is squirming because he's heard the BELLS OF LIBERTY RINGING from the fierce children of Light, and he has heard the confident LAUGHTER FROM THEIR FATHER who reigns in Heaven!!!

You are seated WITH Him, far above it all (Ephesians 2:6). Don't be distracted or discouraged. Tune out the prophets of Baal, and tune into the Father's heartbeat.


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