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#FREEINDEED Book, out this Weekend!

Hello friends!

Just a quick note to let you know that my self-published book, #FREEINDEED, is out THIS COMING WEEKEND (you'll be able to grab a copy from Amazon across the globe.....stay tuned for more places to purchase).

#FREEINDEED is a book about true FREEDOM and IDENTITY in Jesus, and a Biblical look at the true substance of our salvation. I use my own supernatural encounters and prophetic dreams, coupled with scripture, to explain what Jesus TRULY DID for us, and what it looks like to be a life transformed by Him.

I have endorsements from Katherine Ruonala, Lana Vawser, Mark Greenwood, Sarah Cheesman (The "Happy Prophet" podcaset), Christy Austin of Enkindle Ministries (USA) and more!

Here are a few endorsements:

#FREEINDEED is a genuine and refreshing gift! My friend Mandy Woodhouse has taken the dense and profound revelation of righteousness and sonship, and ‘put legs on it’ in this heartfelt project. Mandy speaks with an open-heartedness and carries a grace to make things relevant. She writes the way she lives and is having an impact on many. This book is filled with personal testimonies of a life lived and transformed by a powerful gospel, integrating the truth into real life and prophesying freedom for others. I know this book will help many to make sense of the practical ways in which the gospel can change our lives. I highly recommend this book and know it will bless many!

Mark Greenwood

Author of Awake to Righteousness

Director – The Academy

Pastor / Teacher – Glory City Church, Brisbane

Within these pages you will find an authentic, genuine and heart felt life poured out and dripping with the pure desire for everyone to know the wonderful power of the freedom available in Christ. #FREEINDEED is like having a conversation with Mandy and being drenched in the abounding truth of our sonship. The personal and profound journey she has taken with Jesus to dig deeper for revelation and understanding of the Word is destined to be a refreshing invitation to SO many to experience the accessible nature of intimacy with the Father. "When the voice we read with is saturated with the loving voice of a Father who is utterly enthralled by every fiber of our being, an awakening takes place within.” Mandy lovingly and passionately challenges us to see the Father for who He really is, and to live in the deep and simple understanding of our identity in Christ. Unpacking relatable thought processes through real personal testimonies, #FREEINDEED is a gift of recognizing lies and trading them for the simple good news of the gospel!

Mandy Furlong

Pastoral Director - The Academy

Pastoral Cultural Director, Glory City Church, Brisbane

The concept of freedom is one of the most sought-after beliefs of the human experience. As Christians, we know as soon as we say yes to Jesus, we can live in freedom; the reality for many, however, is that their theology does not match their human experience. #FREEINDEED is a stroke of genius presenting and inviting the body of Christ how to apprehend and maintain freedom by my exquisite friend Mandy Woodhouse. Her heart of vulnerability and the constant pursuit of truth makes this book a must-read for all Christians, who know there is more to be had through Jesus finished work at the cross. Mandy’s vulnerable examples of profound transformative encounters and dreams are a well of wisdom and possibilities for all Christians. As a counsellor, I can see this book setting many people free without having to put a foot in a counselling room, if they only dare to believe and encounter the true nature of Abba, Jesus, Holy Spirit and themselves.

Luchi Miranda-Ventura

B.of Soc Sci-Counselling

Post Grad Dip Couple Counselling

Counsellor Director/Coordinator – Shalom Heart and Mind and The Academy

Operations Manager – Priceless Life Brisbane


Love love love.......mandy

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