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Go For it ALL

This morning as I pushed into God's presence and had communion by myself, I became overwhelmed by His love. I was very aware of His worthiness to the point of trembling...and had my YouTube worship playlist on shuffle and it seemed that Holy Spirit was playing the exact songs I needed. I felt some breakthrough in my emotions regarding something I had been holding on to, and I could hear Him so clearly for the first time in a few days. It was GLORIOUS. I glanced at the time and realised I only had about 15 or 20 minutes before I had to do something in my morning routine, and I felt myself start to slip back into this earthly realm. I feel like my brain almost tricked itself, and I started thinking that I was grateful for such an intense moment in The Holy Ghost.... that He had given me everything I needed for the morning and I was full to overflowing and it was "good enough." As if He was maybe "releasing" me to go and get about my morning now that I had connected with Him and "got filled up." And then He spoke to my heart: "Mandy, I NEVER want to let you go!" I was wrecked. I realised then that there is so much more. He asks us in John to ABIDE.... that word in Greek means so many beautiful things, including to tary and to linger and to stay. HE WANTED ME TO STAY WITH HIM LONGER! I am seeing that part of the contagious hunger that many long for is that we are actually NEVER filled. We get invited to keep going and going and pushing in deeper and deeper and we have to actually challenger ourselves to not stop just because we've had an emotional or spiritual encounter that we think has set us up for the day. THERE'S SO MUCH MORE, y'all. And He is worthy. And He can bend time for us. He will do the impossible just to be with us.....again and again. #deeperstill #keepgoing #abide #GOFORITALL

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