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SHIFT the Atmosphere

Whatever house you enter, first say, 'Peace be to this house!' Luke 10:5 ESV I'm sitting on a Brisbane bus this morning. The bus driver, a man who I see fairly regularly on the 433 to Toowong Village, has such kind eyes and a lovingly genuine smile. I'm unsure of whether he is a follower of Jesus or not, but he certainly carries a great deal of peace and kindness for a big city bus driver. Before I climbed aboard the workday bus this morning, I was reading part of a chapter in a book called THE VEIL by a guy called Blake Healy (I highly recommendthis book). Blake is a guy whom God has blessed with the incredible gift of being able to really SEE into the Spirit realm. This one part that I read was a story Blake was telling about a youth trip he was on once in Venice Beach, CA. After seeing lots of "interesting" things in the Spirit, the Lord told him to turn around and have a good look behind him. Now I won't do his amazing writing justice here, so to summarize simply, Blake saw the sky open up with a golden light. It was blazing a path behind he and his team, and the light was (in the Spirit) swallowing up every dark and icky thing that they had encountered. The light remained as long as he and his team did, and it completely shifted the atmosphere there. I immediately thought of the verse mentioned above, that as supernatural beings (sons and daughters) we can be the cause of peace flooding the environments we find ourselves in! Back to my Brisbane bus (where I am happily typing this). Maybe it was my kind-eyed bus driver...maybe another Christian earlier this morning. Either way, the peace of Jesus is on this bus. I can literally feel His glory swirling around. I get off in about 5 stops, and I'm going to try something new. I'm going to ask Holy Spirit to release waves of His Presence and ENCOUNTER over the people on this bus as I exit. I don't even think I have to announce it like a weirdo as I get off - I'm just going to use my God-given authority to release it into the atmosphere. Jesus, I pray that the 433 would be filled with YOUR Presence today, in Jesus Name! That this would be a "Glory bus," where people encounter Your love....even if they have no clue what it is 😁

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