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A Word for 2019

2019 - A Year of Transformation, Intercession Heavenly Kisses and Coming Out of the Tomb


In the wee hours of the morning, between awake and asleep, I began to see visions with the banner "2019" pasted onto each vision like a watermark on a photo. The first vision I saw was of a pair of shoes. The shoes looked like old, comfortable and worn-out shoes that finally had holes in them. They were being replaced by a new pair of shoes that need a bit of breaking in, but there was a sense that once they were worn a few times they would be a perfect fit for the next season. I also saw a row of large shoes with feet standing in them, and the feet were a bit smaller than the shoes themselves. The feet had been faithfully standing, walking and running in the larger shoes for a season, yet I saw that the feet were beginning to grow into these shoes in such a way that the shoes looked as if they were made specifically for those particular feet, whereas there had been uncertainty in the past regarding the shoe's fit.

The vision then changed to a group of laid-down lovers of Jesus who were experiencing a transformation. I saw change in physical appearances as bodies were beginning to line up with what is happening in their own spirits. I saw changes such as weight-loss, clear skin and youthfulness, hair styles, different postures and ways of carrying oneself, and even new clothing on the faithful servants who have been digging deep for a long time. I felt the Lord say that this natural change is a sign of what is happening in the spiritual as the body of Christ begins to fully grasp how truly LOVED she is. The way that the Church is seen by the world is changing in a positive way, and the transformation is beginning with how the Church sees herself. The revelation of 1 John 4:17 is starting to break long-term mental strongholds: "As He is, so are we in this world."


I then sensed that there was a great "downsizing" or "minimizing" coming to the body. As the year progresses, people will begin to shed the extra weight of things both in the natural as well as in the spiritual. In the natural I saw people giving away material things that have simply cluttered their homes for years, and I saw ministries and homes "Spring cleaning" and downsizing. I even saw homes being sold and credit cards being cut up. In the Spiritual, I saw ministries and churches getting back to the basics of JESUS and who He is and what the true substance of salvation looks like. I saw them begin to remember that He alone is the way, the truth and the Life (John 14:6) and that as we lift Him up, He will draw all men unto Himself (John 12:32). It was as if a great light had been turned on again in the hearts of His people as they begin to remember that they were truly new creations in Christ (2 Corinthians 5:17) and thus shed themselves of any doctrines that stand apart from the truth of the Good News.

I also felt strongly that in light of this returning to basics, those who have been living under a false "hyper-grace" message will have to make a CHOICE and many will find themselves radically transformed and enabled to live a Romans 6 life - a life free from the power of sin, which they never thought could ever happen. "For whom the Son sets free is free indeed" (John 8:34-36) is a scripture that will become very real to many in this season.


My visions shifted again to a scene from the early Church in Acts. It was as if I was sitting in the home of one of the Churches of that time, where the people had all things in common and their numbers grew daily (Acts 2:44; 4:32-35). There was such a great, confronting love for one another that I felt a holy fear of God. I believe that in 2019 the Church is going to have a new understanding of intimacy and connection with each other that confronts our insecurities and fears but will bring new levels of freedom and a love that unifies beyond what we could have imagined. People will be drawn to the Church "institution" again because of its love for each other as a family (John 13:35). This will push a lot of buttons in people but if they continue to dig deep while remembering their identity/Sonship, and if they pursue love as Christ loves, there will be a freedom and an intimacy with each other that is more fulfilling than anything they have ever dreamed.

There will be many new faces that come into Church buildings and home groups/home churches; tribes will expand and become more embracing and healthier. Many of these new faces will be experiencing aspects of God's character and depths of intimacy in the Holy Spirit for the first time and will need the guidance and friendship of these healthy tribes. This is part of God's great strategy for the Harvest.

I also saw that those who have been grieving loss for far too long will find themselves in a new dawn, with new mercies and new grace and pools of Living Water around them that others can feed from. They will find that they have finally come through the valley of weeping (Psalm 84) and they will begin to rise again going from strength to strength if they stay connected to their healthy tribes. Friendship/intimacy/family is key to seeing breakthrough for many in this season.


I saw a series of locks - padlocks, locks on doors, combination locks, etc. that were popping opened. Doors that were once closed and locked are going to swing open in many arenas, from politics to education, to medical and even personal. I felt a push-back from the enemy, who does not want these doors to open and who has worked hard to keep them locked in this past season. I felt the Holy Spirit say to remember that the doors that God opens, no man can shut (Revelation 3:8) and that we are not to engage with the lies of the enemy during this time. We are to stand firm, praying at all times in the Spirit with prayer and supplication (Ephesians 6:18).

I felt the Lord then say that the locks will continue to pop open as His prophets continue to prophetically intercede and open the locks with their travail.


One of the words released by the Australian Prophetic Counsel for this next season is about "prophetic solutionists" birthing through intercession and travail. I believe that there are many prophets who understand the New Covenant and the heart of the Father, but who do not yet understand what they carry in prayer/intercession. I believe that God showed me that in 2019, those prophetic voices who had no idea they were intercessors are going to find themselves drawn into prophetic acts of intercession and will become powerful movers of mountains in society.

God's people are learning to pray in new ways, learning to discern spiritually and learning to prophesy with authority into the atmosphere. There may be backlash at times but as God's prophetic intercessors remember their authority, Sonship and intimacy with the Father they will only grow stronger muscles through the tension of the fight. Moving mountains (Mark 11:23) will become a daily reality as the prophetic intercessors take their authority and use their voice.


Last week, as I sat in my favorite chair near a large window in my living room and began to speak to God about some things, I felt His Presence so strong. I trembled as I felt His love for His Church, and His heart for the lost.

His holiness and love overwhelmed me, and as I began to weep I saw two very large and colorful birds sitting in the tree just near my window. I have no idea what kind of bird they were and have not seen them since, but I felt this...experience as a kiss from Heaven.

I sensed that God's people will return to wonder and childlike awe in 2019, and will experience recognized kisses from Heaven on a regular basis. God is always speaking and wanting to encourage, and we will begin to see this more and more through nature, through other people, through song, art, even through dreams. I heard Him say that those who chase after His Presence will find Him in the smallest things. We just have to look for it.

I also felt He wanted to encourage and strengthen His people with a testimony of even the smallest sign and wonder so that those who do not know Him may come to believe (John 4:48). Some of these "kisses" may even defy the laws of nature or physics, and as much as it is an encouragement to us personally, we must be ready to give an answer to the unbelieving = JESUS. Like a trail of bread crumbs leading down an exciting path, these kisses will always lead to a GOOD FATHER and a beautiful Savior.

"As for Me, if I am lifted up from the earth I will draw all people to Myself" (John 12:32)


For a few weeks leading up to January 1st, I've seen the name "Lazarus" literally everywhere. This is not a "usual" name in this day and age, yet it has been on repeat for weeks now. I have also once again seen the number 11:11 on repeat, and I know that when something is being highlighted over and over to me, God must be speaking.

He lead me to read John 11:11, where Jesus is actually speaking about His dear friend LAZARUS who has passed away and is at that stage already in a tomb: "Our friend Lazarus has fallen asleep; but I am going to wake him up." I felt the Lord say to me that this is the year that the CHURCH is going to WAKE UP and come out of hiding, out of sleep, out of her slumber! I felt that a great revelation of RESURRECTION LIFE is coming to the body of Christ. The Bride is learning what it really means to walk in this kind of life.

I also sensed that just like Jesus "wept" over the loss of His friend Lazarus (before waking him up from death), He has also wept over the the circumstances and some of the political decisions in the nations which has caused the Church to weep. The remnant who have wept and cried out to Jesus over the state of the world have been heard, and now He is awakening the rest of the Church and calling the Bride to rise up and PRAY and prophetically speak out and see mountains move.


I personally feel such an excitement for 2019, one that I have not felt in a long time. It's been a somewhat difficult past few years for many in the Body, but I believe that when we choose to enter into this next year by FAITH and with EXPECTATION, God will do immeasurably more than we could ask, think or imagine (Ephesians 3:20).

I pray that this blesses you as you continue to chase after Him in 2019!

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