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Ready or Not...

Have you ever felt as if you were READY. I mean, really, really, ready. Like, the frustratingly "oh my gosh... please let this be the season" kind of ready? The kind of ready that you have rehearsed in your mind, over and over (usually in the crazy hours when you should be sleeping). Yes, THAT kind of ready.

I've been ready for awhile now.


[Because I'm a nerd and love words and definitions]

ready: ˈredē/ - adjective - in a suitable state for an activity, action or situation; fully prepared.


I've heard it said that our character needs to be able to sustain where our destiny is taking us. Although I don't fully agree with this statement because I believe that I already have the character of Christ and that I'm just on a journey to believing and thus in faith acting out of my Jesus-nature (you can ask me about this later, or keep reading my blog for later posts...I PROMISE it will come up <wink>), I do agree that there are times when our HUMUNGENOID DESTINY needs the support of a fully renewed and mature mind who understands who they are in Christ.

So sometimes though I may feel like I'm ready ("come on God, NOW please"), perhaps God is actually inviting me into a greater depth of intimacy with Him for the current season. After all, the heartbeat of the Father is actually the beginning of our destiny, isn't it?

And then there are times when you just get hit. When you've accepted God's invite into the "much more" of His Presence and you understand that you are completely regenerated by Jesus and you start to dream HIS dreams - and then the attacks come. Wave after wave of natural realm circumstance that forces you back into the Presence of God instead of stepping out, which has the potential of leaving just a sting of weariness. You may know what I mean.

Yeah......that was my last 18 months.

But you know what? Though the waves may have been meant to destroy me - or at least destroy my faith, hope and resolve - God promises that they will actually work for my benefit. And besides, an ocean of waves does not mean that my HUMUNGENOID DESTINY doesn't still exist (Jeremiah 29:11; Romans 11:29; Romans 8:28).

One of my Spiritual mothers and heroes of the faith, Katherine Ruonala, recently spoke over me that she had a picture in her mind while praying for me. She saw me rehearsing in my mind, over and over, that glorious moment when I would be fully "ready." She saw my excitement and passion and diligence that went into that moment! But then, she saw the enemy throw a banana peel under me. It never made me slip and fall, but it knocked the wind out of me and made me very wary of the next season. She then saw me standing on a stage, and I was indeed READY. She said the banana peel experience had me feeling uneasy and fearful, as if I thought I was not yet ready for what my next season would be. Her prophetic encouragement over me as a Spiritual mother was "GO. YOU ARE READY!"

So I suppose it's time to rise up again.


rise: /rīz/ - verb - to move from a lower position to a higher one; to come or go up.


While I've been rambling on, typing out this little post, I've been thinking about WHY the Lord asked me to write this. If you've stayed with me this long....then perhaps this is for YOU.

First of all - to those who are about to jump out of their skins with the frustration of feeling READY but not seeing the season change just yet - here's your invitation. An invitation to journey deeper than you could ever imagine into the heart of the Father. Ask Holy Spirit to guide you. I believe God has something exquisite to share with you just before you step into your "ready" season. Your destiny is SO big.

Secondly - if you've been fighting to keep your head above the waves, especially after the READY has knocked on your door - I believe that you have the same invitation into the Father's heart. But I also want to encourage you to keep walking through the valley of weeping, and learn to turn your circumstances into living springs (Psalm 84). The wind that was knocked out of you will be restored to you! That's kinda how God works. You have not been overlooked, and no weapon formed against you will prosper (Isaiah 54:17).

Lastly - to those, like me, who know it's time to finally rise up.... you have all of Heaven cheering you on. Your HUMUNGENOID DESTINY is soooo not about YOU, anyway. Feel the Father's heartbeat, and take off dreaming with Him again. The world needs you. "As He is, so are you in this world..." (1 John 4:17).


ready: ˈredē/ - adjective - in a suitable state for an activity, action or situation; fully prepared.


Photo by Simon Migaj on Unsplash

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