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Word for the Prophetic Intercessors

**First published a year ago.....wanted to re-release as I feel that it's a word for NOW as well!

I had a dream recently that played out quite like an animated children's story, but beautiful and encouraging.

I dreamed that there was a great Tribal warrior standing on a plain, looking out into the horizon. His job was to keep an eye on this horizon. As he watched, there suddenly sprang up in front of him a dark, ugly and threatening tree. Soon there were many little shrubs and bushes that sprang up around the tree, choking out the light and hindering his view of the horizon. He was a mighty warrior who could have easily chopped his way through this brush, but the new brush brought with it such intimidation and anxiety that he became greatly distracted by it all. His focus changed from watching the horizon to trying to work out what to do about the brush.

After some time, the warrior remembered that there were tall rocks behind him, so he decided to climb up on the rocks to get a different perspective. As he climbed higher and higher, he could start to see the horizon again. The warrior realized that all he needed to do was sit on the rock and watch from the heights, and as he did this a great storm from the heavens rolled through, leveling all the trees and bushes that were blocking his view!

The warrior sat still, watching the breath-taking colors of the unexpected sunset on the horizon after the storm and found that he could think clearly again. The distractions were gone, the anxiety and intimidation had ceased, and the warrior went back to his keeping an eye on the horizon.

I believe that this dream is actually a word of ENCOURAGEMENT for intercessors in this season! I have watched the prophetic intercessors in my world recently (including myself and my husband) battle much distraction, anxiety and intimidation. Several of us have heard in our spirits the words "illusion, illusion," as if this distraction - this dark, intimidating brush popping up in front of us - is just an illusion to distract and hinder our sight. I found so much encouragement in this dream, and the fact that the great warrior was able to climb HIGHER and sit down on the ROCK (our Jesus), where he found REST as the Lord destroyed the distractions. IT IS COMPLETE. And to top it off, God showed off His great love by providing a beautiful SUNSET on the horizon to bless the warrior (reminds me of Ephesians 3:20).

If this is you, Prophet/Intercessor/Warrior of the Lord, BE ENCOURAGED! Relax as you are seated in heavenly places (Ephesians 2:6, 7), and allow the Lord to grant you fresh perspective as He wipes out all distraction. Rested and secure, you will see His Kingdom and power effortlessly released in your situation. Seek Him first (Matthew 6:33).

I speak against the illusion of anxiety and intimidation tormenting you, in the Name of Jesus. IT IS FINISHED. Open the airways, Lord! May we see clearly, once again, all the great and precious things you want to show us on the horizon.

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