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Let the Lion Roar!

Friday of last week, I kept getting an odd and very random pop-up on my phone. Apparently, a WiFi network called "LION-GUEST" kept trying to tell me that it was an available hotspot for me to use. ALL DAY. In many different locations across the city.

Perhaps it was a "glitch" in the natural, but I heard the Holy Spirit speak to me through this random pop-up on my screen, and then He took me into a glorious vision.

I first heard Him say that the LION OF THE TRIBE OF JUDAH was near and ready to ROAR!

I felt strongly in that moment that the Lord is issuing a new call to INVITE HIM INTO areas we have been perhaps purposely keeping Him out of, or areas where we just forget to invite Him into. I saw Him invited in as a "special guest," and in Him coming in, I saw that we were immediately connected to His heartbeat at lightning fast speeds, much like WiFi. This meant that there is an acceleration in what He is going to do in the spaces that He is invited into.

I then went into a vision where I saw that as He stepped into areas of our hearts, minds and lives as the "special guest," this magnificent Lion began to ROAR over us! The roar was so loud that it shook the earth beneath our feet!

As the Lion roared, I saw DARKNESS that had been assigned to people BREAK INTO SHARDS LIKE GLASS. I also saw that the darkness that people had partnered with had nowhere to go - it was exposed as the LIGHT flooded in.

I saw that FEAR WAS SMASHED to the floor while the roar shook everything around.

Again, the Lion roared and I saw SIN and LIES completely fall off of people. I saw that the "little foxes" that were hiding in dark corners had nowhere to go as the darkness that had been hiding them was shattered. I could see the look of FREEDOM upon the people of God who had invited the Lion in.

Finally, the Lion gave one giant roar, LOUDER than the others, and I saw DEAD THINGS BEGIN TO AWAKEN! I saw that RESURRECTION LIFE was in His roar, and it brought back to life dreams, promises, relationships, business ideas, ministries....LIFE began to pop up around me!

As I was coming out of the vision, I heard Him say, "...they are but asleep, not dead..." (Luke 8:52). I know that many dreams have the appearance of death, but the Lord wants you to HOPE AGAIN because the Lion of the Tribe of Judah is wanting to ROAR OVER YOU.

Friends, may I encourage you to INVITE THE LION INTO EVERY AREA OF YOUR LIFE today. Allow Him to ROAR hope, life and freedom over every situation. He longs ROAR over us today!

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3 comentarios

Mandy Woodhouse
Mandy Woodhouse
09 oct 2020

Absolutely! We are not meant to be lone Rangers. 🔥

Me gusta

Dear Mandy That’sa powerful word. As I was inviting the Lion to roar into every area of my life , the word Network came to mind. And I said Lord I don’t have a network. I’m seeing that the people of God need to have a network for the Lion to roar through them as well. Does that make sense?

Me gusta

Bless ABBA Bless you for being a channel for HIS INSPIRATION!!!! It made me remember a invitation to a new chapel. In a contemplative exercise we had to find a connection in one of the stained glass windows and then write down what ABBA reveal to us... The eyes of the LIONof G-D invited me in - but magnetic - and Wow! I became undone! Shalom to you🙌

Me gusta
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