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He Does Hear You

If you know me, you know that I love prophetic intercession. I love praying, I love seeing mountains move, I love being a part of a redemptive solution on the Earth. I especially love teaching others how to intercede and teaching them how to partner with what is on God's heart for humanity.

One of the things that I teach is that every criticism you have is an invitation to intercede. Through the Holy Spirit, believers are given a level of discernment in almost every (if not all) situation in life. Sometimes when a person begins to discern that something is "off," they can become critical or negative instead of asking the Father for HIS HEART on the matter. When we stop, get the Father's heart, and then begin to pray the opposite of what we see or feel, that's when we begin to pray redemptive solutions and see things change for the best.

As I have recently finished teaching my first ever intercession intensive online, I have had some extra time, so I've been watching The Chosen (free on YouTube, loving it.... For those who have not heard of it - this is an excellently produced series based not just on the life of Jesus, but portraying the relationships between Jesus and His disciples, Mary Magdalene, Nicodemus and more. It's the first "Jesus show" that I have ever seen that is NOT CHEESY! There is only one season so for, so I joined the Chosen Facebook group to receive updates on season 2. I rarely have time to read posts or comments, but yesterday one post, in particular, caught my eye. A man in the Facebook group posed the question, "Do you think people are starting to make The Chosen show an idol?"

I won't first reaction was to judge this guy as one of "those" religious guys that is probably trolling the group just to be negative. Some of his comments in the thread were as such, so I rolled my eyes and dismissed it and forgot about it... until this morning.

The Lord brought this guy's question to my mind again during my time of prayer. In the context of intercession....WHAT IF this guy actually WAS discerning something for some people in the group? WHAT IF this guy - instead of making a judgement statement in the group as he did - began to INTERCEDE on behalf of the thousands of people who are watching this program? WHAT IF God allowed this guy to pick up on this in order to PRAY that what he may have discerned would actually not happen?!

My next thought was, "Perhaps this guy made a judgment because he has no idea HOW to pray like this." Fair enough. Most of my amazing students (including myself for years) had no idea that our discernment of the negative was actually a call to pray and see a redemptive shift....

...but here's the kicker, and why I felt led to share this here.

I heard the Holy Spirit correct me.

"It's not as much about ignorance as much as it is about the belief that I actually DO hear and respond to their prayers. Many of my children do not actually believe that I am hearing them, or that they have the ability to move my heart. "


He then reminded me that one single glance from our eyes and He is undone.

You have captivated my heart, my sister, my bride; you have captivated my heart with one glance of your eyes... Song of Songs 4:9

I feel like this is a healthy challenge to us all - myself included - to confront the issues that may perhaps exist in ourselves. DO WE HONESTLY TRUST THAT GOD HEARS AND RESPONDS when we pray? Do we believe, by faith, that we have the access to stand before God and that He will LISTEN? Do we believe that we have the AUTHORITY to move mountains, and the full acceptance to move His heart?

Thanks to Jesus, I have access to the Father, and the authority to see things come back into alignment with His heart. And with just one look...I have ALL OF HIM.

Just something to chew on today ❤️

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