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Happy Highlights from the Week

Amidst what could have been chaos this week (#coronavirus #quarantine), I tried to stay focused on the positive. And man-oh-man, was there some positives! I'd love to share some beautiful testimonies with you, mostly to infuse you with hope and faith and joy during what seems like utter craziness that was this past week.

  1. I saw 3 friends come to know Jesus over Facebook Messenger this week!

  2. My friends, Joe and Pam, got married on Saturday, and we got to celebrate them.

  3. More of my friends, Bill & Dana, celebrated 21 years married. COME ON!

  4. After years of praying, my close friend, Brittany, finally got a wonderful job that is exactly what she needs, and suits her so beautifully. She's Praising God for it all!

  5. I'm currently running an intercession course online, where two people have started speaking in tongues for the first time ever...1 person was delivered from 20+ years of anxiety...another 2 people have been encountering God in new ways. And people are learning to PRAY. I'm overwhelmed at the goodness of God as I watch these people come alive while learning to rise up as Happy Intercessors!

  6. Watching President Trump call a national day of prayer made my heart quiver with expectancy! I live in Australia now so I couldn't be there, but GOSH I can feel in the Spirit that it did wonderful things in my nation.

  7. My paycheck was cut nearly in half due to the effects of the virus...and some amazing friends gifted us with some money for the next few weeks!

  8. My sweet pups, Mr. Frodo, and I got to do a 3.5k hike up a mountain this week. We found a gorgeous tree that had probably a thousand butterflies in it. My heart was so happy to see this tree so full of NEW LIFE!

  9. Every single one of my family and close friends are healthy, happy and full of joy during this time.

  10. I am watching with great anticipation as the Church rises up and begins to SHINE in the darkness. Watching Churches gather together in home groups...watching the Gospel of Jesus go out in ways I simply have never seen...watching Christians BE the Church. It's actually breath-taking.

What about YOU? How was your week? I have been praying for all those affected physically by this virus, as well as those facing the effects of it financially and emotionally. Standing in the gap for those who are afraid.

You are so valuable. Praying the love of the Father washes over you today as you dig deeper into His Presence and let Him shower you with glory.....



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