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Exciting Announcement

Hello friends,

After much prayer and wise counsel, I have an announcement to make.

As of August, 2023, OUTRAGEOUS HOPE will no longer be running, and my “Outrageous Hope” Facebook page will be deactivated. I will also not be posting on the Outrageous Hope Instagram any longer.

I WILL, however, be posting more blogs/writings on this site. I will be continuing with my podcast, keeping the name "The Outrageous Hope Podcast," and all of the "Truth Daggers" and free teachings that once could be found on Facebook (and in some of my courses) will now only be found on YouTube. You will also see me on a few online schools, run by my friends, throughout 2023.

As Carston and I have entered a new, fresh season of rebuilding and focus, we believe that He is asking us to lay down some old things in order to pick up the new.

!!!! And most EXCITING of all, I am THRILLED to announce that I am now a certified Christian Life Coach! I will begin my practice in August. If you are interested in what specializations I offer, including a prophetic coaching course in the future, please follow me on my new Facebook page: @MandyWoodhouseCoaching or email for more information.

As some of you would know, my Outrageous Hope journey began in 2016 out of obedience to the Lord’s calling (and a few prophetic words along the way). I am laying it down, with great humility and GRATITUDE IN MY HEART, for all that Jesus has done through me on the Social Media platforms through this ministry. All glory to Him.

Essentially not much will change except that I will be going from Facebook ministry to Life Coaching, and I have changed my website from "Outrageous Hope" to just

Again, if you are interested in finding out more about what I offer in the area of coaching, I will only be responding to You can also check out my updated website at .

Much love…. xoxoxo

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