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A Remnant, a Replacing, and a Release of Hope – A Prophetic Word by Mandy Woodhouse, 2023

In the month of July 2023, I had 3 dreams that I believe contain a message for the Body of Christ.

Dream 1: In the first dream, there was a remnant army that had arisen and was marching toward a large darkness. Along the path where they marched stood tall walls, and people lining the walls who refused to march with the remnant, though they could have joined. They even used misdirection tactics and some low-key heckling to try and persuade the remnant that there was no need to march on. The people on the walls began to yell out and try to cause some in the remnant army to redirect their attention to what was going on behind the walls, enclosed safely in their camps. Several of the army marching on the side began to look more at the ones on the wall than looking at what was ahead, and thus tripped on their own feet and fell. The remnant army was not small, but in their minds they felt tiny. However, they weren’t aware that they also had an angelic army with them that very few could see. It seemed that those on the walls were actually missing out on marching into victory with them.

Dream 2: In the second dream, I was taken into a beautiful mansion on a beach that was also a massive lighthouse. It had been a place of refuge, healing and hope for many, but somewhere along the way the “stewards” of the lighthouse began to allow compromise to enter. They began to tolerate the LGBTQIA+ agenda for the sake of “love.” One of their very own “family” was choosing a gender change, and was able to do so with their blessing. This was proven by the disturbing family photos on the wall. By the time I had entered this lighthouse, the “stewards” had been removed and they were being replaced by those who did not carry any kind of compromise. The new stewards were replacing twisted family photos with those who had been transformed by Christ Jesus, and were willing to “sound the alarm” if they saw any of the photos growing twisted again.

Dream 3: Dream three was very confronting. In this dream I had attended a Church service of a large, healthy, growing Church. The service had finished and I was walking to my car as the second service was starting. In the parking lot, I met up with a few people who I know in the natural and who were, in the dream, going to attend the next Church service. In this group of people in the parking lot was a woman named Hope. We stood in a circle chatting before their service started, and suddenly the sky grew dark and ominous. Out of the sky above us we saw what looked like a series of wormholes opening up, one inside of another until the sky was a strange and bright colour. It reminded me of something from a Sci-Fi movie, yet we did not feel a sense of terror but one of urgency. One of the men mentioned to me that he didn’t hear the sound of a trumpet, so it must not be “the end of the world,” to which I agreed. He then shrugged it off as some sort of conspiracy, since he did not see a theological attachment to it in his own mind. Then, without any warning, a large package was released from the wormholes onto the earth, and caused a loud crash about a mile away from us! Between the wormhole and the package crashing to the ground, there was no way that people would not have seen or heard this strange happening, and yet no one came out of their homes, no one came out from inside the Church, and it seemed as if we were the only ones who saw it. I suddenly looked at Hope, grabbed her by the shoulders, and commissioned her to go inside and tell the Church what she saw. She grew slightly fearful, but I kept my eyes fixed on hers and reminded her who she was, the God she belongs to, and exhorted her to grab ahold of her emotions and allow the Holy Spirit to speak through her. After my friends went into the Church to inform them of what we saw, my husband called me to say that he had been in intercession and felt that something terrible had occurred. I asked him to confirm, and he said that there was nothing reported on news, media, or social media. And the dream ended.

What the Lord showed me about Dream 1: We are at war. The darkness is here, whether we like it or not and we cannot deny it. We are called to gather together and march toward the darkness as we carry the authority and victory of our King Jesus. WE DO NOT NEED TO FEAR, because we have already been given the victory in Christ. The people on the walls were not bad or evil or even in sin per se; they just did not have the understanding, and therefore the conviction, that they had the ability to march in victory TOWARD the darkness, and did not need to redirect others or misdirect away from it. The younger in faith were getting taken out because unfortunately, due to the influence of those on the walls, they were looking everywhere else BUT in the direction of the marching remnant. They were tripping over their own feet instead of keeping focus on the thing ahead that needed to be confronted.

Yet, at the same time, how overwhelmingly encouraging to know that a fearless remnant has arisen upon the earth! They carry authority and a fear of the Lord, which gives them supernatural wisdom and ability to face the darkness and to stand. I heard the Lord say to the marching remnant, “Don’t let your heart be distracted by the ‘misdirectors,’ because more are those with you than who are against you!” (2 Kings 6:16-17). Also, the marching remnant must not be distracted by those on the walls who have chosen to not march with them and to actually heckle them. The Lord will have his way with them, and He will vindicate the remnant where needed (Romans 12:19). Like Nehemiah on the walls, they must keep focused on the task at hand.

What the Lord showed me about Dream 2: There are pastors, leaders, ministers who are starting to swallow the woke agenda, and they will be removed from their positions should they continue in this way. This is a warning for those who are compromising, diluting the truth, and those who have moved away from the truth of Jesus the REDEEMER and TRANSFORMER. It is also a wake-up call for those who are not properly equipping their people to stand, or those who are too afraid to equip themselves, and thus their people, to have the hard conversations.

We MUST equip ourselves for these hard conversations, and we MUST stand and build with the plumbline of scripture at all costs. A lighthouse is meant to guide to safety, not to cause crashing on the rocks.

I saw, however, that God’s replacements, the ones who the baton is passed to, have been refined by fire in the wilderness. They are friends of God who carry the fear of the Lord, and they have a purity and righteousness that makes them shine like stars (Daniel 12:3). The fear of the Lord that they carry is weightier and more tangible than any “fear of man” that would try to stop them from properly stewarding the “lighthouse” they have been given. They will sound the alarm and keep the family free from disaster.

Ezekiel 33:6 (NKJV):But if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet, and the people are not warned, and the sword comes and takes any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood I will require at the watchman’s hand.’

What the Lord showed me about Dream 3: Something else has been released upon the Earth, and it is big. The Church (at large) seems to be either unaware, and thus needs to be informed, or they are afraid and hiding within their structures. The Church needs HOPE! The media is not reporting on it, nor will they. Many believers will call it a “conspiracy,” since it does not line up with what their protestant theology has taught them, but the intercessors are certainly feeling it! It is here, and we will need to begin to face it, just like in Dream 1.

But here’s the best part – WE DO HAVE HOPE, and He is releasing and commissioning voices who carry both warning and hope, not one-or-the other, but BOTH! This could have been anyone else in the dream, but it was a woman called Hope. In the natural, my friend Hope carries purity and she is feisty and unwavering when it comes to hating deception. She does not compromise and lovingly speaks the truth. Hers is the kind of voice being released upon the Earth!

The great encouragement that I take from these three dreams is this: There is a remnant that is truly arising, and they KNOW WHO THEY ARE! They aren’t afraid of the darkness because they know that they carry authority and fear of the Lord, as well as having an angel army behind them, and therefore they have everything they need to CONFRONT the darkness. For them, even death has lost its sting.

Revelation 12:11 (ESV): And they have conquered him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, for they loved not their lives even unto death.

There is a new generation of watchmen/shepherds arising who are being placed into lighthouses and watchman towers and walls across the globe! They have been prepared in hiddenness, and will NOT succumb to the spirit of the age. They are the Lord’s anointed, for such a time as this, so see liberty in a generation who have lost their identity (Esther 4:14).

Finally, the voices of HOPE are being released! I felt the Lord say that He is making a way for HOPE to PROPHESY, and He will silence the false prophet of media for a time so that Hope can arise! The intercessors are also awakening to help guard Hope in the Spirit. She will speak what the Lord tells her to speak, and she will be able to bring attention to things without being overly emotional or fearful. Hope is fearless, pure and uncompromising, and these are the voices that the Lord is calling to arise in this hour!

Stay in the fear of the Lord, and stay in communion with Him. The victory is ours!

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