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Momentum in Your Mouth

You will also decree a thing, and it will be established for you; And light will shine on your ways. - Job 22:28

2020 is the Hebrew year of "the mouth," and many prophets are saying that this is the year to decree and declare the things of God and see them come to pass. Job 22:28, mentioned above, is the verse that Holy Spirit gave ME, personally for this year. While praying into this, the Lord gave me the most amazing visual to explain it! He simply whispered to me, "look at the fan."

Here's the context: I'm currently living in Brisbane, Australia, where it is the very hot beginning of an even hotter summer. We have a little stationary fan near the bed, and it is almost always turned on these days. This particular day when the Lord asked me to look at the fan, I saw that there was a small, white feather that had somehow come to be on the corner of my bed just in front of the fan. As the fan blades turned with great momentum and force, this little feather was blown up into the air, and then flitted across the room where it gently landed on another piece of furniture near the window. The Lord said that this is what our prophetic words do in the Spirit!

Romans 10:17 says that faith comes by hearing, so when we prophesy over ourselves and we HEAR what the Lord is wanting to do in our lives, our faith is built (turn fan blade once). This faith that has been built in us then causes more faith to grow and greater declarations to come forth from our mouths (turn fan blade again, faster). After a few more of these prophetic declarations, our faith is so high that our emotions engage with the faith, and things begin to shift in the natural as angels are released on our behalf because of the WORD of the Lord being released (see Psalm 103:20 and Daniel 10:12 regarding angels being released at His Words).

Do you see the fan blade getting more momentum?

Soon, what's happened in the Spiritual is that a great force and momentum from our very mouths has caused our little "feathers" to be lifted up and moved over and advanced into an entirely new location or context. How amazing is God?!

Proverbs 18:21 says that our tongues hold the power of life or death. If we want to see things established, we MUST choose to speak life over them. We must continue to use the Words of God (both scripture as well as the prophetic) to see things shift on behalf of His will in our lives.

Let's make sure the fan blades are turning, gaining momentum, and that our words are advancing us into this new decade. He LONGS to have us advance, and He desires that we use our life-giving words to see advancement in every area!

Hope and Love,


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