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Undefeatedadj. - not including any losses or defeats (thanks Merriam-Webster).

My husband and I have been singing, for days now, lyrics to the song "You are My Champion" by Bethel's Dante Bowe.  Part of the song goes like this:  


You are my Champion

Giants fall when you stand undefeated

Every battle you've won

I am who you say I am

You crown me with confidence

I am seated in the heavenly places undefeated

With the One who has conquered it all

This got me thinking about the word "undefeated."

I was on an undefeated softball team in elementary school.  For the three years that I played third base for this team, we remained without any losses.  We were the type of team that all the other teams got nervous to play!  After our first year of carrying that title, we grew in confidence and played with pride.  Sometimes the games were easy wins; other time we'd go home bruised, exhausted and at times a little bloody - but winners none-the-less.

God began to show me as I remembered all the wins in those three years that as much as it was an awesome season of being undefeated in a much greater is it to know that we are undefeated as His children!  With the Lord, we never lose.

Going into my fourth year on this particular team, I'll never forget the first game that we actually lost.  The first loss in over three years was crushing for our little hearts!!!  God reminded me that in His Kingdom, He has seated me in heavenly places where I remain in victory, undefeated, without every having to worry about that kind of loss. Even if I get bruised and bloody in the "game," I never have to doubt that I will ever NOT win.

Jesus is the one who has conquered it all - all I have to do is sit, crowned with confidence, knowing that I am undefeated because of what HE did for me.


Here's the video for "You Are My Champion" by Dante Bowe and Bethel Music:

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