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In Awe

The Lord reigns; let the peoples tremble! He sits enthroned upon the cherubim; let the earth quake! Psalms 99:1 ESV DO I STILL TREMBLE AT HIS MAJESTY? This verse hit me this morning. I am the first person to say that God is a good God and we are not meant to having negative fear of Him but a holy reverence and awe. Yet, how many times have I got familiar with Him? How many times have I forgotten that He is great and fierce and awesome and majestic and holy all at once? And that I cannot EVER in my finite mind understand the magnitude of HIM. Last weekend we had a very holy moment with someone who had hurt us deeply. The person was repentant and we were able to speak courage and hope into the person's life. There was much weeping and hugging on both parts, and I felt God's presence so strong.... but it was THIS kind of presence mentioned in this Psalm. It made me tremble bc of how BIG and glorious He is.....that He is above it all, He owns it all, He is in control.  We may never grasp the Heavenly importance of what that unity meant, but it meant so much to God that His awesomeness made us tremble. Regardless of what you face today, ask to encounter this facet of Him. Oh to tremble in His Presence, knowing that He is so much greater than our human minds can comprehend.....He is above it ALL. 

❤ Mandy

PS thanks Pinterest for the pic!

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